With a unique and constantly growing homogeneous immunoassay portfolio and a long history of expertise in Drugs of Abuse Testing, Immunalysis and Specialty Diagnostix provide tailored drug testing solutions to challenge the seemingly continuous emergence of new designer drugs and other illicit substances.

A core spectrum of conventional drugs of abuse assays is complemented by a select panel for the urine screening of opiates and rapidly emerging designer drugs. Reagents, calibrators and controls are liquid and thus ready to use, for both qualitative and semi-quantitative testing.

The utilization of synthetic material not only enhances the stability of all calibrators and controls, but also helps to decrease potential risks of contamination. Application protocols are available for all major clinical chemistry analyzers. Together with packaging suitable for all laboratory sizes, we are able to provide you with customized solutions for your specific requirements.

Whenever new drugs appear on the illicit markets, Immunalysis and Specialty Diagnostix are ready to provide effective tools to counter-act them with novel assays and assay technologies. With its long and successful history in the development of ELISA assays, Immunalysis is able to generate appropriate antibodies for unique drugs of abuse assays.

Key Assay Characteristics

  • Powerful, complete range of drug testing solutions
  • Liquid, ready-to-use reagents, calibrators, and controls – no reconstitution
  • Available for both qualitative and semi-quantitative screening
  • Use of synthetic material
    • to enhance stability of calibrators and controls and
    • to decrease risk of contamination
  • Application protocols for all major clinical chemistry analyzers
  • Packaging tailored to laboratory specific needs

Immunalysis Products are available in the following countries:

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